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About Us

Our objective is true freedom. It is our goal to provide everyone with a social media platform that does not censor content and allows users to collect monetary support directly from their patrons (audience) for their creative productions. While we are still bound by most ridiculous laws, we do not prohibit your content / actions here unless they present a legal liability for us. Whether we agree with what you present or not, you will have the same fair and equal chance of exposure that everyone else does. We do not use algorithms to manipulate your content. With great power comes great responsibility but not all action is without consequence. If you have any qustions about the specifically allowed content / conduct, please visit our Terms of Service.

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We do not require personal data (except an EMail address) for account registrations. Any data we collect is as minimal as possible and used only for the requirements of our operational infrastructure. We encrypt everything. The critical encryptions are custom and proprietary. Your search queries, chat conversations and viewing habbits are not logged. We do not share your personal information with anyone that isn't specifically a Staff Member, employee or contracted consultant (who is beholden to a Non-Disclosure Agreemet).

We do not use ads. You will never see advertisements on any content unless the producer places them there themselves. We do however promote individuals and small businesses that are exclusively hand picked because we believe they have integrity and have respectfully earned it. We may also have tangible items for sale in our Shop. Our revenue is generated purely from crowd funding, account upgrades and other miscellaneous site purchaes. If you wish to support us, we are open to accepting donations, however we absolutely refuse to forcefully indoctrinate you with social programming and consumerism.

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