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We do not censor unless legal liability is present. As long as your content is not invasive of another's privacy, harassing, threatening or racially / ethnically offensive (all of which can cause legal liability), we welcome your politically incorrect, controversial, vulgar and/or offensive content. We support unalienable freedom as it is truly intended, whether we agree with you or not. (We would be happy to allow more, however we are still confined by most ridiculous laws.) We don't use ads. We allow users with upgraded accounts to collect monetary support directly from their patrons (audience). If you have any qustions about the specifically allowed content, please visit our Terms of Service.

Freedom of Speech
Gun Friendly
Privacy Respected
Sexual Preference Does Not Matter
Marijuana Friendly
Nudity - OK (Please mark your channel as ADULT or you will be publicly obscured.)
Not Responsible For Your Feelings - You Are
While we do not discriminate when it comes to real freedom, that does not mean that some people in the "audience" will not. Dissent, controversy and disagreements will occur. You are responsible for your own reactions. True freedom comes with self responsibility. It's high time that people learn how to handle themselves without big brother holding their hands.


Our Presence

CamZone.TV is a leading provider of dedicated server and cloud-based, end-to-end video solutions for personal, media and enterprises which can be used for many purposes; from "live streaming" to individual "cam-shows", uploading of videos, internal meetings, press conferences, to world-wide entertainment events. Note that we store NO personal data on a cloud. We use the cloud only for content delivery.

CamZone.TV has the ability to power live and on-demand video for millions of viewers.

CamZone.TV is not only well suited for personal use but also for business management of live, and on-demand video; all while providing multiple options from a single control panel.

CamZone.TV creators and staff have been providing services since 2013 and continue to seek to be unique in the industry as it relates to products and services.


Back story

There is a community that once existed on BlogTV but they sold out to another company who converted it to a new platform that nobody liked. That is how this website was born. The concept here is to bring back that community with expanded goals.

This may be a website designed around a community that once existed elsewhere, however this website is also public and open to anyone. This is not a closed private community, all are welcome.



This site is owned, operated, designed and programmed by one individual. This is not a large company. We are managed by a small volunteer Staff. We try to cover our expenses through donations and the sale of Virtual Wallet Credits which allow users to acquire additional/special emotes for their account that can be used in the chatrooms and other social media areas. Any support given is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you.

Give me freedom or give me death. ~FringeRecall (CTO @ CamZone.TV LLC)



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